1916 Front Lines - Easter Rising & Battle of the Somme

When: 15th & 22nd March 2017
Cost: £2 per night

Where: Banbridge Old Town Hall Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Sponsor: CRC
Host: RCN & REACT Armagh

1916 Blood Sacrifices

2016 was the centenary celebrations of two monumental events, The Easter Rising and The Battle of the Somme.

The year 1916 evokes high emotion across the community in N. Ireland, with both main traditions looking back with reverence at the actions of the men of that generation from within their separate communities.

  • Who were the people involved? What were their motivations?
  • What really happened?
  • What were the consequences of their actions?

Setting aside the Orange and Green tainted lenses ‘1916 Front Lines’ takes you back to the time and places were these events occurred.

Ireland, Crisis & Volunteers 1912 - 1914 Ireland, Easter 1916
The Western Front, July 1916 Post WWI, Ireland