2018 Armagh Peace Building Summer School

July 8th - 17th based at Charlemount Arms Hotel

The program for the 2018 Peace Building Summer School is being finalised. The School will examine 
  • Tough Issues in the conflict how they have been resolved or not resolved
  • Parades from Loyal Order, marching band and residents’ perspectives, accommodations and current position in Armagh
  • Impact of the conflict Armagh City and south Armagh with guided tours
  • Visit to Derry/Londonderry Museum of free Derry, Parades and how they have been managed in the City
  • Life in Northern Ireland from the perspectives of: LBGT, Asylum Seekers, Ethnic communities
  • Tour of Peace Walls in Belfast
  • Participation by people from Ireland and those from abroad through UMASS Boston giving opportunity for learning and interaction of local and international perspectives

Those from UMASS can undertake accredited learning as part of UMASS teaching. Those from Ireland can undertake accredited learning through Open College Network course on Peace Building specifically designed for the school.

For further information go to http://www.peacebuilding-summerschool-armagh.org/

The Summer School is being led by Diversity Challenges http://www.diversity-challenges.com and University of Massachusetts Boston  Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance https://www.umb.edu/academics/mgs/crhsgg/grad/conflict_resolution
and a partnership of:
REACT http://www.reactni.org
West Armagh Consortium http://www.westarmaghconsortium.org
Rural Community Network http://www.ruralcommunitynetwork.org