Rewriting the Future

Rewriting the Future - Creating New Worlds with Post-Conflict Visionary Fiction 
SATURDAY 16TH FEBRUARY – Duncairn Arts Centre Belfast
WORKSHOPS: The workshops are free

Diversity Challenges (Armagh), in collaboration with Éist (US) and Octavia’s Brood (US), has organised an exciting series of participatory workshops and events in Belfast during the week 11-16th February, based on connecting the lessons of visionary fiction to communities in transition from conflict. This funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund.

Inspired by the work of Octavia Butler, the workshops will be facilitated by the editors of Octavia’s Brood, a recently published anthology of visionary fiction based on the idea that those working to change the world are, by definition, sci-fi/speculative fiction thinkers. In other words, all organising is science fiction: if we want to work towards a better world we must first imagine what we want our future to look like.

There will be two public workshops on Saturday 16th February but throughout the week 11th-15th workshops will be conducted with a range of local groups, including a women’s only group, a youth group, and other organisations who work specifically around issues of dealing with the past.

There is a limited number of workshops that can be conducted so places will be granted on a ‘first come first served’ basis. No previous experience of creative writing is necessary. The workshops will provide skills-based learning opportunities for community groups to come together to participate in future-facing activities where the past is considered, but not required, to move forward.

APPLICATION: If you are interested in participating in the public workshops, or if your organisation would like to avail of the opportunity of hosting a workshop, please email: