Financial well-being programmes to staff

Kith and Kin Financial Well-being is a Not For Profit Social Enterprise based in NICVA Buildings Belfast,that works with employers to deliver Financial well-being programmes to staff. Improving employee financial wellness can favourably impact an organisation's bottom line. Employees who are financially unhealthy are often stressed and distracted, affecting absenteeism, productivity and retirement.

We are currently discussing with the Credit Union Association to provide a Savings option for Employers, this would allow staff to set up a Savings account, which could be deducted from their salary direct into a savings account, when they open a Credit Union a/c this will also provide them with access to loans on low interest rates, this will help staff with poor credit scores to start saving for emergencies but also have access to loans without being credit checked etc

If any Employer is interested, please get in touch, there is no cost for this service, we as a Social Enterprise are trying to help employees to start saving, so when emergencies do happen they have access to a savings fund, to prevent them using pay day loan companies. 

For an expression of interest please email

Debbie Pointon
Financial Well-being Coordinator
Kith and Kin Financial Well-being