Listen Share Change programme

NIHE has adapted the Listen Share Change programme for an on-line audience.
With the on-line programme you can get your group/estate to create a digital meeting place, where friends and neighbours in your community can meet to chat to each other for an hour. 
Through the programme, we can provide you with a zoom link, and with a trained Neighbourhood Champion to read out stories, so members of your group can meet and engage in friendly conversations.
The programme materials are designed to start conversations, particularly about coping with, and sharing information on, Covid 19, dealing with social isolation, promoting good mental health, and how to build resilience in your community.
Once you get your group up and running on-line we can help you identify storytellers from your community who could join a session and talk about your community, life on your estate, local stories etc., to promote pride and good neighbourliness in your community/estate.
The programme is free, so if you want to get your group or estate involved in this on-line project just get in touch at the mobile number below, or email:
Dr. Sean Brennan
South Co-Ordinator – Listen, Share, Change PEACE IV Project
NIHE Community Cohesion Unit
T: 028 9598 3200
M: 0788 405 0909

Click here to download the leaflet