Make a TINY Fun Palace this October

The annual Fun Palaces weekend of action will go ahead on the first weekend in October ... And this year we are aiming for 1000 TINY Fun Palaces.
Fun Palaces has always been about tiny, person to person connections which are at the heart of community. This year, finding ways of making local connections, and including those who have been isolated or vulnerable is more important than ever. Making these connections through Fun Palaces is still possible if we keep it tiny.

So instead of one big Fun Palace in a central location, this is the year to have 3 or 5 or 20, on street corners, in windows, gardens, at bus stops, or online. Let's show the world how important community connections are to us all.
A short workshop in the front garden, a socially-distanced dance lesson in the park, shielders creating window galleries, community storytelling 2m apart – all ideas welcome.

Free resources, support and sign up: