Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland

The 1998 Good Friday/Belfast Agreement promised the introduction of a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland to protect everyone’s human rights.  22 years later we are we still waiting. 

The New Decade New Approach agreement published in January 2020 as the NI Assembly and Executive was restored established an Ad Hoc Committee of MLAs to bring forward proposals for a Bill of Rights.  The Committee are currently seeking the views of the public on a Bill of Rights.
RCN is hosting a webinar via Zoom on
Tuesday 8th December from 7-8pm
in partnership with the Human Rights Consortium. 

We will be joined by Helen Flynn from the HRC to hear about the Ad hoc Committee’s consultation and the Consortium’s views on:

  • How a Bill of Rights could be used to ensure a fair recovery from the pandemic?
  • How best to make your voice heard on these issues?

To register your interest in attending email