"In This Together" Project

Starting January 2021, RCN will be offering Good Relations practitioners a new training and support project called “In This Together”. The project will also be open to employees or volunteers working for Community Relations organisations.

Over a series of online workshops, RCN want to create a safe space for the exploration of practice, support, knowledge sharing and information sharing for a range of peacebuilders that exist across rural Northern Ireland in both paid and voluntary capacities.

We are keen to offer training, reflective practice, and support to them. In addition, we want to highlight their practice to others and use the project to highlight what they are doing and have achieved during the last few years, and the challenges they still face. 

Session will take the form of a series of blogs, web-based meetings, training, and support sessions for practitioners on a regular basis, although participants are free to engage in as little or as much of the project as they like. 

Central to the project is creating connections between isolated peace workers and building a support network with them to sustain their efforts. RCN are keen to explore self-care with them as we understand their jobs can be hugely stressful, lonely, and at times dangerous. We are aware that in many rural areas peacebuilding work can be difficult, and the issues of avoidance, denial, threat and fear can prevent much work from succeeding.  Sometimes it takes another person and peer support to help provide clarity and insight into resolving issues. RCN are keen to enable this to happen through this project.

Session content likely to include:

• Relaxation and mindfulness for busy people
• The window to the world from your front living room
• Dealing with contentious issues virtually
• How to motivate yourself and others during a pandemic
• Working from home through a crisis
• How to build for better days
• Sharing the learning and reflective practice
• How to deal with fatigue (zoom fatigue)
• Uplifting and mood lifting exercises
• Covid and dealing with grief in communities
• Raising children in a pandemic

If you’re interested please contact teresa@ruralcommunitynetwork.org or ring 028 8676 6670.