Armagh Robinson Library - lunchtime lectures

Armagh Robinson Library is organising online lunchtime lecture series to connect with the Library’s 250th anniversary, plus the annual Irish Language Festival and International Women’s Day at the start of March to help to reduce isolation and promote interaction and engagement at this time when we are more or less confined to our homes.

Speakers and topics will be as follows:
  • Monday 1 March: Damian McManus, Professor of Early Irish at Trinity College Dublin, on 'Ogam: Ireland's oldest alphabet'.
  • Tuesday 2 March: Dr Daniel P. McCarthy, Fellow Emeritus, Trinity College Dublin, on the Annals of Clonmacnoise, an early 17th-century English translation of a now lost Irish language chronicle.
  • Wednesday 3 March: Dr Marc Caball, Associate Professor of History at University College Dublin, on the roles of Uilliam O Domhnaill (William Daniel) and William Bedell in translating the Bible into Irish.
  • Thursday 4 March: Professor James Kelly, Head of the School of History and Geography at Dublin City University, on 'Protestants, Print and the Irish Language in the Eighteenth Century'.
  • Friday 5 March: Professor Regina Ui Chollatain, Head of the School of Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore at University College Dublin, on 'Women of the Glens' - about a group of women of various creeds and their role in the Irish Revival.
For more information contact Dr Robert Whan