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Network News No 44 Summer 2006

Spotlight on Stop the Onslaught on Rural

Policy Update

A Plague of Frogs - a personal reflection on PPS14

Let's hear it for the onslaught of mindful, caring people!

Local Choices, Local Needs and Aspirations

Moving Community Development Practice Forward

A fair deal for rural communities

Dismayed and Excited

Rural Transport - an after thought or even that

Looking beyond the Draft PPS14

The Demise of Rurality

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Developing Skills & Knowledge

The Value of Integrated Learning

Community Development Training and Learning... more than 'an add on' and not just a luxury

Learning Can Challenge Our Assumptions

RCN's Community Development Practice Programme

How does just talking result in change and collective action?

Community Learning

To ask is not foolishness, it is the desire to hear fully

'Ring Fencing' Networking Space

Creating a Learning Environment

Realising the Potential for Change

Learning in a relaxed and informal setting

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