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Rural Enabler Leaflet

The Rural Enabler Programme will...

  • Build positive relations in rural communities across 12 counties
  • Enable people to develop the confidence and skills necessary to build vibrant and peaceful communities
  • Act as a resource for individuals and groups, supporting them to address their needs

The Rural Enabler Programme is aimed at assisting rural
communities to develop ways to deal with the things that still divide us in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of Ireland. Each county has an Enabler who supports groups and individuals to take a step in a new direction in challenging sectarianism and racism and how things have been done in the past. There is also an Enabler working with rural institutions across the region.

Facilitatory Development grants are available to
enable groups to use activities or bring in the expertise they need to make a difference in their area.

Young People
– support young people in having their voices heard
Community Development
– embed the practice of excellence
Interfaces and Shared Spaces
– access to all services for everyone
– benefits of social and residential integration
Flags and Emblems
– how to balance the rights with the responsibilities
Race Relations
–maximising the contribution of all
Rural Institutions
– how they can assist in developing a shared future

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