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Application form CSI Officer Mar 2021 More
Application Pack - Project Coordinator NLHF Project Feb 2021 More
Application Form - Project Coordinator NLHF Project Feb 2021 More
NIHE Strategy & Action Plan 2016-2020 Dec 2020 More
Rural Matters - Summer 2020 Aug 2020 More
Coronavirus Community Fund Evaluation Form Apr 2020 More
Measuring Social Value in NI - presentation Oct 2019 More
Leaflet on Social Housing Needs Jan 2019 More
Social Value Engine - Measuring What Matters Dec 2018 More
The Big Dish Out Dec 2018 More
Rethinking Engagement Project Nov 2018 More
RCN''s Privacy Statement Oct 2018 More
Rethinking Engagement Learning Event slides 14.09.18 Sep 2018 More
Acting in Good Faith - St Vincent de Paul Maghera Jul 2018 More
Acting in Good Faith - ROC Care Rathcoole Jul 2018 More
Acting in Good Faith - Quaker Connections Jul 2018 More
RCN Associates - Application Form Jun 2018 More
NI Budgetary Outlook response form letter Jan 2018 More
Briefing on NI Budgetary Outlook 2018-2020 Jan 2018 More
‘The Paralysis of Parochialism’ Sep 2017 More
Rural Poverty & Isolation Workshop Sep 2017 More
Galvanising the Peace Mar 2017 More
Submission to the All Island Civic Dialogue on Brexit Mar 2017 More
Rural Residents'' Forum - Information leaflet Apr 2016 More
RCN Strategic Plan 2014-2020 Nov 2015 More
BCT article for Network News on Social Enterprise Dec 2014 More
RCN AGM & Annual Conference invite Nov 2014 More
RCN - Draft Memorandum & Articles of Association Oct 2014 More
RCN Memorandum & Articles of Association Sep 2014 More
Directory of Community Venues Aug 2014 More
Wind Energy .. the new goldrush? Aug 2014 More
Rural Matters - February 2014 Mar 2014 More
RCN Training Leaflet Dec 2013 More
Community Development - A Strategic Framework for NI Apr 2013 More
Rural communities ... polite avoidance and denial Mar 2013 More
Institutions - their role in peace building in rural communities Feb 2013 More
The role of community development in rural peace building. Feb 2013 More
Young People Building Peace Feb 2013 More
Breaking the Silence Feb 2013 More
Sharing Space Feb 2013 More
Leaders and Leadership Feb 2013 More
Churches and faith based organisations Feb 2013 More
Flagging it Up Jan 2013 More
Directory of Community Venues Dec 2012 More
Rural Enabler Matters Issue 7 - November 2012 Nov 2012 More
The Small School & Rural Development Jul 2012 More
Small Rural Prinary Schools - a Research Review Jul 2012 More
Rural Enabler Leaflet May 2012 More
Rural Enabler Matters Issue 6 - May 2012 May 2012 More
RCN Membership leaflet Mar 2012 More
Rural Enabler Matters Issue 5 - December 2011 Dec 2011 More
Positive Senior Support Dec 2011 More
Rural Matters - September 2011 Oct 2011 More
Rural Enabler Matters Issue 4 - August 2011 Sep 2011 More
Rural Enabler Matters Issue 3 - May 2011 May 2011 More
Beyond Belfast Mar 2011 More
Consultation on a New Community Safety Strategy Mar 2011 More
Rural Enabler Matters Issue 2 - January 2011 Jan 2011 More
Small Stones Big Ripple Jan 2011 More
RCN AGM & Annual Conference Jan 2011 More
AGM Questions Nov 2010 More
RCN AGM and Annual Conference 2010 Nov 2010 More
Rural Enabler Matters Issue 1 - October 2010 Oct 2010 More
A Tale of Two Villages Sep 2010 More
Developing a Village Plan for Ballywalter Sep 2010 More
Developing a Village Plan for Cushendall Sep 2010 More
Public Assemblies, Parades and Protests Jun 2010 More
Rural Manifesto 2010 Postcard Apr 2010 More
Rural Manifesto 2010 Mar 2010 More
Childhood in Transition Nov 2009 More
Community Activism in a Changing Rural Context Nov 2009 More
Skills for Solutions leaflet Jun 2009 More
Sharing Over Separation - Research Papers May 2009 More
Sharing over Separation - a rural perspective Apr 2009 More
RCN Summer School 09 Booking Form Apr 2009 More
Report of Community Development Summer School Jan 2009 More
''Poverty & Place - Defining Rural Poverty An Issues Based Approach’ Oct 2008 More
Baseline Study of Rural Women''s Infrastructure in N Ireland Sep 2007 More
Opening Doors ... Meeting Challenges Sep 2007 More
‘As long as you gel in’ Mar 2007 More
RCN’s Strategic Plan 2007-2013 Mar 2007 More
Baseline Study of Rural Women’s Infrastructure In NI Jan 2007 More
Rural Reflections Jan 2007 More
Skills and Knowledge Jan 2007 More
International Women’s Day Report 2006 Mar 2006 More
International Women's Day Conference Report 2005 Mar 2005 More
Policies and Priorities - Findings from Women's Sector Research North and South Jan 2005 More
Workbook on Equity, Diversity and Interdependence (EDI) Jan 2003 More
Rural Community Development - An Experience Jan 2003 More
RCN AGM Report 2002 Sep 2002 More
Reconnecting Rural People through Authentic Dialogue Jan 2002 More
Women in Rural Areas of NI Jan 2002 More
Report of Sectoral Consultation with Excluded & Isolated Rural People on a Bill of Rights for NI Jan 2002 More
RCN AGM Report 2001 Sep 2001 More
EDI in Rural Northern Ireland: In depth interviews with service organisations Jan 2001 More
RCN AGM Report 2000 Sep 2000 More
Community Participation on Partnerships Jan 2000 More
Reconciliation and Social Inclusion in Rural Areas Jan 2000 More
RCN AGM Report 1999 Sep 1999 More
Nurturing New Links - A Guide for Cross-border Networking Jan 1999 More
RCN AGM Report 1998 Sep 1998 More
Baseline Review of Areas of Low Community Infrastructure in Rural NI Jan 1998 More
Sustaining Rural Communities - a Mid Term Profile of the Rural Development Programme 2001 – 06 Jan 1998 More
Shaping Our Future - Conference Report Jan 1998 More
Planning With the Rural Voice Jan 1998 More
A Picture of Rural Peace Jan 1998 More
RCN AGM Report 1997 Sep 1997 More
Sharing the Networking Seed Jan 1997 More
Rural Communities: Finding a New Voice Jan 1997 More
Forum for Rural Women - Conference Report Jan 1997 More
RCN AGM Report 1996 Sep 1996 More
RCN AGM Report 1995 Sep 1995 More
RCN Survey in Response to New RDC Strategy and future of Community Development for Rural Areas Jan 1995 More
Youth in Rural Areas Jan 1995 More
RCN AGM Report 1994 Sep 1994 More
Telling it like it is - stories from the Active Participation Grants Jan 1994 More
Study of Women's Groups in Northern Ireland - A Discussion Paper Jan 1994 More
RCN AGM Report 1993 Sep 1993 More
RCN AGM Report 1992 Sep 1992 More
Community Audit From Self Help To Consultant Workshop Report Jan 1992 More
Rural Community Development - A Regional Approach in the Omagh Rural Area Jan 1991 More